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5 Things To Do At Woodlands To Recharge

things to do at woodlands

As its name suggests, Woodlands is well-known for showcasing Singapore’s natural beauty in the form of trees and nature. Woodlands is famous for the Promenade at Woodlands Waterfront and the district’s impressive number of parks and trails. 

If you ever need to recharge, you can always head to Woodlands and find satisfaction heading to the following locations.

1. Woodlands Town Park East

If you want to see bees perform their role in pollination and butterflies around well-maintained gardens and sanctuaries, Woodlands Town Park East is the best place to go. It may be a small park, but it creates an air of intimacy, especially after using the special singular stairs to head up to its open space hilltop for a great view. Plus, you’ll find a huge diversity of plant and animal life in such a small park as Woodlands Town Park East.

Address: 3 Woodlands Street 13, Singapore 738600

Hours: Open 24 hours daily

2. Woodlands Waterfront

Woodlands is well-known for this enormous 11-hectare park that offers a spectacular view of the north sea. Most families in Singapore bring their children to Woodland Waterfront and have them play at the well-maintained playground. Athletes and school teams use the 1.5k kilometer promenade to train and perform physical activities while photographers take scenic shots of the sea. 

Woodlands Waterfront Park is a great relaxing spot to enjoy the beauty of nature and let your children enjoy it, too.

Address: Admiralty Rd W, Singapore 759956

Hours: Open 24 hours daily

3. Mandai T15 Trail

If you’re willing to walk a little bit from Woodlands, you can take a hike at the famous Mandai T15 trail. In most cases, mountain bikers find the T15 trail satisfying because of its length and challenges. Hikers will find the path satisfyingly longer and appreciate the natural sights and the great Uli Sembawang views while hiking. The quiet trail surrounding you with natural green forests is the best way to recharge any stressful weekend.

Address: 451 Mandai Rd

Hours: Open 24 hours daily

4. Woodlands ActiveSG Sports Centre

The human body always craves physical and mental activity, and sitting around and sleeping at home isn’t a great way to relax. Going to a gym and getting your miles or repetitions in is key, and you can do it the best way in Woodlands Active SG Sports Centre. Alternatively, you can use their swimming complex and sports halls for other activities that will engage your physical core and surprisingly give you the relaxation you need.

Address: 2 Woodlands Street 12, Singapore 738599

Open: 7AM-10PM daily

5. Marsiling Mall

Marsiling Mall is known for its wide variety of activities, brands, and restaurants to choose from. You can head here and pick up your groceries at Sheng Siong or head straight to the dozens of coffee shops and street hawkers. Alternatively, you can find hobbyist shops for headphones, affordable clothes shops, and hairdressers in the area, too.

Address: 4 Woodlands Street 12, Singapore 738620

Open: 9AM – 10PM daily


There’s no shortage of self-recharging activities in Woodlands. If you’re craving a nature walk, physical activity, and everything else in between, you’ve surely come to the right place!

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