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The Best Carpool App Singapore

Driving a car

Carpooling can also be identified as car sharing, lift sharing or ride sharing. This means that you will have to share your ride to other people in a vehicle so that you won’t go through the hassle of driving to the location that you want to go.

By sharing your journey to other people in one car, you reduce your expenses in traveling alone like the fuel cost, tolls and being stressed and tired from driving. This has also been proven to be more practical and economical when it comes to travelling. Additionally, you can also meet other people along with the journey and eventually become friends with them.

With the congestion of vehicles on the streets, you can even help to reduce this by sharing a ride with other passengers. Singapore have been encouraged with carpooling due to the high prices of fuels as well as the pollution when a lot of vehicles are on the roads, not to mention the traffic jams.

There are many companies in Singapore are promoting carpooling and are encouraging commuters to travel with strangers to reduce traffic on the streets. Carpool Singapore has been popular in the country and has been contributing to their economic growth.

This has become good business to most of them as there are an increase of individuals who are opting to get this service. Drivers have been screened and well equipped with knowledge so that they can take care of their passengers. Basically, this is the same with getting a taxi, the difference is that you will just need to share the ride with other people who need a lift.

With the growing needs and demands of carpooling, there are a lot of companies that have been registered to do carpooling services and most of the time, you can book your journey to an app that can be downloaded and installed on your phone. Here are some of the carpool apps that can help you get to your destination.



They are currently one of the most famous carpooling applications in Singapore as they use a systematic method of calculating the price of your booking that is based on fuel costs, maintenance, and depreciation. Ryde Singapore has insurance of about $1,000,000 against sexual offence claims and 3rd party liabilities. They did this because there have been numerous reports of sexual offenses while on a carpool service.

They also offer insurance for accidental death and permanent disabilities while you are on the carpool journey. You just need to be a certified Ryde carpooler to qualify for the insurance. You need to register through their application to be a member and they also offer reviews and feedback from both sides.

As a Ryde driver, you can give feedback to the passenger and as a passenger, you can give feedback on the driver. Anyone who will have less than four stars on their feedback will incur a suspension for a month. You can simply download and install their app to be able to contact them and avail their services



Base rate of SwiftBack is about $2 that has an additional charge of $0.50 in each kilometer. You can pay them through credit card or cash, whichever you prefer. You can tell them your preferred co riders for your convenience, they will then match you with other passengers accessing the app in Singapore.


Grab Hitch

Grab Hitch is another ride-sharing app that is ready for the business and is planning to expand through cross border car sharing which will allow passengers to cross the SIngapore border using cars to Malaysia. However, this is still on ongoing talks because Singapore and Malaysia has a law that cars are not allowed to cross borders.

But they are asking people what they think about this over a certain period of time. This has also been recognized as a social lift sharing app. Their rates are calculated to cover the costs of the necessary variables when on a ride.



Jugno is an Indian owned business that offers Singaporeans a ride-sharing experience that can have flexibility. They are becoming more known in SIngapore as they provide a more flexible option to drivers and passengers alike. They are more focused on the transparency of their prices and they also allow they drivers to bid on the rates.

Jugno drivers are allowed to quote their own rate, either based on the suggested price of the business, offer a 10% lower rate or even 10% higher rate and the passengers have the option to choose their drivers based on their ratings, feedbacks, prices and duration of waiting. So, if you want a little difference in style and strategy, better try this company and have it your way.



Mass Vehicle Ledger or simply called as MVL connects a user and driver through their smart app that you can install various data, this enables them to get rid of the external fees that most middlemen charge. They have fixed price and metered rates wherein users will choose from.

They also offer passengers and users of the application to earn points whenever they use the application that can be converted into cryptocurrency coins and convert them to cash or you can buy goods through their partners.

Laws in Singapore should always be followed by the car-sharing companies. Drivers and passengers should always wear seat belts at all times. For passengers with children traveling with them, a child seat should be secured to make sure you follow the safety rules of the city.

Some ride-sharing companies provide these child seats but just to be sure, carry one just to be ready if ever there are no available booster seats.

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