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5 Secret Spots Near Serangoon You Might Not Know

myVillage Serangoon Singapore

Serangoon has a rich history of being a brick kiln trade and cattle market. Plus, it was one of Singapore’s first multinational territories as Indians and Chinese heavily migrated to these areas to become construction workers and farmers.

Today, it’s become one of the most beautiful Singapore cities with high culture and hidden experience treasure troves.

Here are five secret spots in Serangoon you probably didn’t know about.

  1. myVillage Rooftop

Rooftops are the best ways to hide secrets in Singapore because of their high-rise condominiums, apartments, and hotels.

At 1 Maju Avenue, you can find myVillage Rooftop’s rooftop balcony, the most scenic place to look at sunset across Serangoon’s rim.

By nighttime, some organizations host festivals, concerts, and projector movie marathons, so watch out for that!

Address: 1 Maju Avenue

Hours: 24 Hours

  1. Ciel Patisserie

Who wouldn’t love to munch on beautifully-made pastries, cakes, and confectioneries? Of course, that isn’t you! If you’re craving tarts that become more than the apple of your eye, Ciel Patisserie is a hidden Serangoon foodie’s getaway.

All their products are instantly Instagrammable because both of Ciel Patisserie’s chefs studied in Bangkok and Paris’ Le Cordon Bleu. Even the simplest pastries and cakes will catch your tongue!

Address: 124 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1444

Hours: 11AM – 8PM

Bouncy Paradise Singapore

  1. Bouncy Paradise

Everyone’s got an inner child. When you see a bouncy castle, you’ll always have the urge to run toward and make the biggest jump of your life (don’t deny it). Unleash your inner child at Bouncy Paradise.

Imagine how it would feel running around 20,000 square feet of pure fun with tons of bouncy castles, ball pits, side-by-side rainbow slides and a huge trampoline zone. We bet you can’t wait for the weekend!

Address: 206 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530206

Hours: 10AM – 9:30PM

  1. PocoLoco

If you want something different aside from always eating at the Chomp Chomp Food Center, you can talk a short walk and head straight to PocoLoco.

After a seven-minute drive, you can get the best Italian dishes in Singapore at the most affordable prices and tasteful servings.

If you’ve never tasted Foie Gras at S $12 or less, PocoLoco can give you the best value for money Italian food.

Address: 103 Irrawaddy Road #02-08 Royal Square

Hours: 6PM – 10PM

  1. Yishun Dam

It’s near Serangoon, and you won’t regret taking a few minutes to get the amazing view only Yishun dam can give you. While it’s no secret spot for tourists, it’s free to head down to the dam and enjoy a picnic. If you’re willing to give much more effort, you can host a barbecue afternoon and catch the amazing sunset before nightfall. Every Singaporean and foreigner in the country should experience Yishun Dam’s amazing, free-of-charge experience.

Address: 1 Yishun Avenue

Hours: All day

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