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Top 5 Must-Visit Attractions in Sembawang

things to do in sembawang

Sembawang got its name from the Sembawang tree – something that is very fitting because the place was surrounded by massive plantations in the past. But that’s not all; this place has seen many significant events in history. From remnants of the naval base to naming the streets after Royal British Dockyards and warships, Sembawang has been a strong community ever since. 

In the present times, Sembawang remains to be one of the most interesting places in Singapore. And there are a lot of new wonderful spots waiting to be discovered. 

1. Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Want something relaxing? There is nothing more relaxing than dipping your feet in a hot spring while waiting for your egg to turn hard-boiled. Being the only hot spring in Singapore, Sembawang Hot Spring Park has surely gained popularity in recent years. 

If you don’t want to spend time under the sun, make sure to bring your own pail or bucket just enough for your feet. If you can go a little extra, you may also bring your own chair, simple snacks, umbrella, or hat, but never forget the towel to dry your feet.

Address: Along, Gambas Ave, Singapore 756952

Hours: Daily 7am to 7pm

2. Sembawang Public Library

If reading is therapeutic for you, the Sembawang Public Library is the perfect place to be. In this library, you’ll have a chance to explore, discover, and appreciate what the world has to offer. Specifically, you may revisit the beautiful history of Sembawang and how it successfully transitioned to the tourist-friendly place that we enjoy today. 

Some locals describe this library  as a place where they seek refuge amidst the chaos. Sounds comforting, isn’t it?

Address:  30 Sembawang Dr, #05 – 01 Sun Plaza, Singapore 757713

Hours: Daily 1am to 9pm

3. Sembawang Shopping Centre

Whether you want to buy necessary or unnecessary things, or you just want to give in to impulsive buying because life at work got extra stressful, Sembawang Shopping Centre has everything you need, and want. From Giant, Daiso and Value Dollar, you have plenty of shops to choose from. 

Address: 604 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758459

Hours: Mon to Sun 10am to 10pm

4. Sembawang Park

Not in the mood for shopping, or strenuous activities? Why not spend an afternoon stroll in Sembawang Park? Afterall, walking is one of the most underrated activities because it looks like you’re not exerting much effort to burn those calories. Scientists have discovered that a 20 minute walk can greatly reduce your stress hormones. 

Address: Sembawang Rd, Singapore

Hours: Daily 24 hours

5. Chill and Dine at Astons Specialities

Love fish and steak? Let Astons Specialties satisfy your crave. This restaurant has been here for a while but the taste and service hasn’t changed a bit, if not better. 

Tender, juicy and flavorful steak is what they are known for. Try their Prime Sirloin at $16, and discover why their regular customers aren’t bothered by the queue. Not a fan of steak but still want to have some flavorful beef? Then go for their Super Burger priced at $15.9.

Address: 604 Sembawang Rd, #B1-12/13/14, Singapore 758459

Hours: Mon to Sun 11:30am to 10pm

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