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5 Exciting Things to Do in Redhill Singapore

Clarke Quay Singapore

According to history and local Singaporeans, they call the city Bukit Merah, which translates to “red hill” in Malay because of the red-colored soil found in the city back then. Today, it’s a bustling city that welcomes tourists, foreign workers, and Singaporeans tired from the stresses of daily life.

Here are five exciting things you can do in Redhill during your weekend off!

  1. Redhill Market Shopping

The Redhill Market shows you the city’s personality in its raw, systematically-chaotic, and fun way. You can find so many knick-knacks to buy and carry home. Otherwise, you’re going to enjoy Redhill Food Center’s offerings, which highlight traditional Singaporean, Malay, and Peranakan foods.

If you’re planning to cook something healthy for yourself or the family, Redhill’s wet market is the best place to find the freshest cuts.

Address: 79 Redhill Lane

Hours: 2PM – 9:45PM

  1. Dinners at Clarke Quay

The beautiful Clarke Quay mall never grows old for anyone visiting because of its timeless architecture, beautiful interior and exterior view, and a host of activities, stalls, and shopping areas for anybody to enjoy. Having dinner in Clarke Quay is always great because you can choose from numerous budget-friendly restaurants.

Reward yourself with a hefty meal at The RANCH Steakhouse by Astons, or go for Fremantle Seafood if you’re looking for something seabound. The possibilities are endless!

Address: 3 River Valley Road

Plant in the hands

  1. Learn Amazing Urban Farming at City Sprouts

Urban farming sounds like an oxymoron, but City Sprouts combines the two and makes it non-contradictory. A guide will tell you about urban farming’s principles, benefits, and examples during the trip. They house urban farming greenhouses and explain the feasibility and sustainability of a greener and organic-dining Singapore.

Explore the possibilities without spending anything and go home having learned something new and exciting at City Sprouts.

Address: 102 Henderson Road

Hours: 9AM – 6PM

  1. Take a Hike at Mount Faber

Mount Faber was part of Telok Blangah Hill. With a rainforest base and green trails all the way, anyone up for a fulfilling hiking experience will receive their ultimate reward, having reached Mount Faber’s peak.

Make sure to travel with a trail team for your safety. Plus, go before dusk or dawn arrives to get a breathtaking view of Singapore from Mount Faber’s peak.

Address: Junction of Kampong Bahru Road and Telok Blangah Rd

Hours: All Day

  1. Watch an Emotionally-Charged Play at Gateway Theater

Redhill’s Gateway Theater is a beautiful piece of architectural heritage that only Singapore can produce. Aside from its astonishing facade, the plays showing at Gateway Theater always end up leaving audiences dazzled, entertained, and provoked with food for thought before leaving the theater.

The theater has an open-air theater aside from its internal 922-seater in its Sky Garden, a manifestation of Singapore’s definition of beauty.

Address: 3615 Jalan Bukit Merah

So Much To Do in Redhill Singapore With Your Budget!

Redhill isn’t the most cost-friendly place in town, but you’ll surely have the best time by planning an excellent budget. If this is challenging and time is against you, an affordable personal loan near Redhill is a great alternative.

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