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5 Top Family-Friendly Things to Do in Punggol

Waterway Point Bridge

Punggol is an amazing place if you have kids or family members who love having fun during the weekends.

If you closely look at your Google Maps, you’ll find Punggol to have the most number of playgrounds. Plus, data from the local census show Punggol to have the most number of children in any city in Singapore.

However, you won’t have to be from Punggol to have fun with your kids. Take the train to Punggol and do the following activities with them!

  1. Fun Slides and Swims in Safra

Safra Punggol has Splash@Kidz Amaze, a waterpark and swimming area dedicated to giving kids the best sliding and swimming experience of their life. You won’t have to worry about pH levels and sunscreen because Safra Punggol is an indoor waterpark, and Splash@Kidz Amaze is indoors.

Kids can have fun with its five water slides, a child-friendly splash pad, and multiple play decks. Any child will have fun just mingling in the water or going for slides here.

Address: 9 Sentul Cres

Hours: 9AM – 9PM

  1. Bike Around the Punggol Park Connector

Kids crave physical activity, and any parent with kids old enough to ride bikes has the best cardio to keep up. If your pre-teens want to have some morning to afternoon fun, you should take the Punggol Park Connector bike path. There’s about 26km of park path you can ride with your kids.

Thankfully, refreshments are always around the corner if anyone gets tired, which are the parents in most cases. If not, having a picnic in any park you end up in is a great way to take a break or end the day!

The Waterway Point Mall

  1. The Waterway Point Mall

All kids love going to the mall because it means they’re about to get new toys or video games. Punggol’s Waterway Point Mall is a kid-friendly place you can bring your children. You can watch the latest kid-friendly movies in its cinema.

If your kids are hungry, ask them to find a restaurant they want to have lunch or dinner. Plus, you can get your kids new clothes and toys (if you allow it) in one convenient place.

Address: 83 Punggol Central

Hours: 10AM – 10PM

  1. Punggol Ranch Gallop Stable

Punggol Ranch has a Gallop Stable, which hosts horseback riding for children. Nothing is as much fun as horseback riding for children, especially if you’ve raised them in Western films.

On the other hand, any child loves interacting with an uncommon animal, such as a horse. Gallop Stable allows your kids to feed the horses with the staff, too. If we only had these fun activities when we were kids, our childhood must have been complete!

Address: 900 Punggol Rd – Track 24

Hours: 9AM – 6PM

  1. Island Adventures

Pulau Ubin hosts the Kampang, the last surviving native tribe in Singapore. The government protects and supports them. Plus, they welcome Singaporeans into their island. Alternatively, you can go to Coney Island for a change in scenery. Lazarus Island is another great choice because you can finally go to the beach without going overseas!

Always Have Enough Cash on Hand!

It’s fun to have a weekend off with the family. However, it’s never fun if you run out of cash in the middle of everything. Make sure you have everything in check.

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