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Guide to the Top 5 Things to Do in Katong Singapore

Rumah Bebe

Katong in Singapore is one of the best “rural” areas in the country because it has a small village vibe. Compared to the busy Central Business District that extensively tries to recreate culture using artificial means, Katong has a laid-back, go-slowly appeal that makes it a relaxing spot for weekend getaways.

Here are five places you’ll want to do while you’re walking around Katong for a great time.

  1. Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple

In 1850s Singapore, Hindus have found a statue of Lord Vinayagar near a pond, becoming the locational basis for the temple. Katong is quiet on its own, but entering the Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple brings you to a whole new level of peace and calmness that arrests and calms your sight, hearing, and smell. It’s not a tourist attraction, so respect the temple’s guidelines, especially when it comes to clothing and personal behavior.

Address: 19 Ceylon Rd

Hours: 6AM – 11PM

  1. Rumah Bebe

Singapore’s Peranakan history is undeniably deep. Even before its modernization and recognition as a first-world country, Singapore has always been a melting pot of culture. Rumah Bebe shows Singapore’s Peranakan heritage. Here, you can buy some of the finest Peranakan souvenirs, tableware, utensils, and even homemade Peranakan food.

Address: 113 East Coast Road

Hours: Closed Monday. Tuesday – Sunday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM

  1. Katong Antique House

The small village-feel of Katong is because technology is partially absent in its overall aesthetics. Plus, it’s the home of one remarkable antique house with virtually Singapore’s entire history inside. While Peranakan Federation Singapore President Baba Peter Lee privately owns the property, you can contact him through mail to enter and get a private tour of everything, too.

Address: 208 East Coast Road, Singapore

Hours: By appointment only

Quentin Eurasian Restaurant Curry

  1. Quentin Eurasian Restaurant

You can’t go strolling around Katong without thinking about the food you’re going to eat after your weekend getaway. If you’re still undecided, the Quentin Eurasian Restaurant is an excellent option. It’s popular because of the huge portions you get, which makes it perfect if you love Eurasian fusion and want to eat more of a single dish. You’ll heartily leave Quentin Eurasian Restaurant after you’ve had your fill.

Address: Eurasian Community House, 139 Ceylon Road

Hours: Closed on Mondays, Tuesday – Sunday: 11AM – 10PM

  1. Village Hotel Katong

If you want a luxurious hotel, you should head to Marina Bay Sands. However, if you want a Singaporean culture hotel, you go straight to Village Hotel Katong. Traditional Peranakan design is everywhere in this place. Its excellent design fuses modern lighting with cultural intricacies. Once you step into one of their hotel rooms, you feel the modern premium it possesses while it never forgets the culture that established it.

Address: 25 Marine Parade Road

Don’t Worry About Going Beyond The Budget in Katong

Katong is quite an explosion of Singaporean culture and food that it’s difficult to stop spending to get the entire experience. However, you’ve always got the best licensed moneylender near Katong to help you if you ever go beyond the budget. 1 Fullerton Credit guarantees same-day loan releases for all your financing needs. Visit our website and apply for a loan now!

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