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5 Fun Things to Do in Jurong West Singapore

Sunset view at Raffles Marina Singapore

Jurong West is home to a great number of Singaporeans. However, its commercial activity won’t disappoint you either. Along the way, you’ll come across numerous wildlife trails, nightlife activities, hidden beaches, and water sports.

If your previous week induced wrecking stresses, you will find the best relaxation by visiting these five great locales of fun in Jurong West.

  1. Jurong West Hawker Center

In Jurong West Hawker Center, you’ll find the best food Singapore has to offer. From traditional Singaporean cuisine to fusions of Malay, Peranakan, Chinese, and even Western dishes, they’ve got it all.

As of writing, Jurong West Hawker Center is in the midst of finding new management and is still temporarily closed. However, once it reopens, you can bet it’s going to be glorious, with all its original hawker stalls offering the best food available.

Address: 50 Jurong West Street

  1. Homerun Baseball

If you’ve always dreamed of hitting a home run, you can’t go wrong heading down to Homerun Baseball to hit a few well-done swings. You’ll contend against a baseball machine straight from Japan’s batting clubs. Staff can adjust the machine’s pitching angle and speed to your level.

If you’ve always wanted to try baseball, the employees can give you some starter lessons to maximize your overall Jurong West baseball experience.

Address: 200 Pandan Gardens #01-01/02/03/04

Hours: Monday – Thursday: 1PM – 11PM, Friday: 1PM – 1AM, Weekends: 9AM – 3AM (Closes at 12AM on Sunday)

  1. Tuas Beach

You can see Tuas Beach from Google Maps, and it’s not as big as the prime beaches you’ll find in other Southeast Asian countries. However, the view is superb, and it has lovely sand, peaceful waters, and it’s clean enough to take a dip. You won’t find too many Singaporeans and foreigners hanging out in Tuas Beach because it’s relatively unknown. Still, you’re guaranteed to have a splendid time with a few snacks and makeshift picnics.

Address: Tuas South Avenue 4

Couple in skates ice skating on rink

  1. JCube Ice Skating

It’s an amazing shopping mall, and it has this big, nostalgic ice skating rink you could find in classic malls across the world. JCube is the best place to chill out literally. Plus, you won’t need to fear the ice if you’re inexperienced.

Employees and friendly strangers can help you learn the ropes if you’re willing to go beyond the sidelines. It won’t be easy, but hey, at least Singapore’s high humidity won’t leave you hot and sweaty after all that!

Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, Level 3

Hours: Refer to its schedule here.

  1. Jurong Lake Kayaking

If you’re tired of walking around or taking pictures of Jurong Lake, take our advice and go kayaking. Currently, Water-Venture, which hosts these kayaking lessons and adventures, is renovating itself to offer the best experience. So stay tuned to know when you’ll be able to traverse the lake again in your kayak!

Address: Jurong Lake Park

Hours: 930AM – 8 PM (Temporarily Closed)

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