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5 Things to Do Near Jalan Besar Singapore

City Square Mall

In Malay, Jalan Besar translates to “the big road,” which is an apt name for the gigantic Singaporean city and its huge number of admirers and weekend trippers. Jalan Besar is all about going big, whether it’s the plaza, mall, experience, or physical activity.

One thing that Jalan Besar wouldn’t need from you is too big a budget. If you’re planning your weekends around Jalan Besar and need some more ideas for your schedule, here are five more things you might have missed.

  1. Jalan Besar Plaza

Experts have proven retail therapy to have reduced and restored many people’s stress levels. Jalan Besar Plaza is probably one of the best places to reduce your stress because of its great retail shopping, massage and spa, and restaurant outlets ready to serve you.

Plus, if you’ve meant to do some DIY at home, you can find numerous hardware and machine general suppliers in the area too.

Address: 101 Kitchener Road

  1. City Square Mall

Anybody traveling with their family should prioritize malls on their list. City Square Mall is the biggest retail establishment in Jalan Besar. Standing alongside the 49,000-square feet urban park City Green, your kids can have fun while you shop around its beauty, clothing, appliance, electronics, and numerous other outlets inside the mall.

If you’re still not done planning your itinerary by the time you arrive in the mall, City Square Mall provides you with free WiFi to do additional research (or read this article again!).

Address: 180 Kitchener Road

Hours: 10AM – 10PM

The Refinery

  1. The Refinery

Combine a grill, bar, workspace, and cafe in one place, and you’ll get The Refinery. When you walk inside The Refinery, you’ll find a grill on the first floor. Accompanying the scent of freshly-grilled food as you head to the second floor, you’ll find a noir-esque speakeasy, perfect for drinks right after your dining fest.

The Refinery allows you to book a table in advance, so you won’t need to wait for a table too long outside.

Address: 115 King George’s Avenue, Unit 01-02

Hours: 11AM – 3PM, 5-10:30PM

  1. Jalan Besar Stadium

Sport Singapore completely manages everything happening inside Jalan Besar Stadium. While you can’t get inside when there are no events, you can find its game schedule online.

Plus, Jalan Besar Stadium has played host to numerous public events in Singapore, making it a prime location for many concerts, college events, and more.

If you have local football team favorites, watch out for their game in the stadium’s schedule!

Address: 100 Tyrwhitt Road

Hours: 6:30AM – 9:45PM

  1. SG Darts Haven

If you love darts, then SG Darts Haven is perfect for you. While it might appear as a darts enthusiast store in the country, it is a group venue where you can spend time with friends and family.

However, if you enjoy playing darts on your own, no one can stop you from booking a table, grabbing some food, and getting right on to hitting that bulls-eye mark and beating your past high score.

Address: 2 Kallang Avenue, #02-06 CT Hub

Hours: 4PM – 1AM

The Best Is Yet To Come For Those Within Their Budgets

Jalan Besar is a lot of fun, but carelessness can result in over-extending your budgets. Thankfully, you’ve got the best personal loan near Jalan Besar with the best interest rates to help you.

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