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5 Best Restaurants and Cafés in Jalan Besar

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Jalan Besar is Singapore’s excellent mix of traditional and modern. It has many traditional dining spots perfect for your Singaporean and Chinese dining fix, but it can give you plenty of satisfying alternatives when it comes to Western dinners and beyond. 

If you’re in Jalan Besar, make sure to visit these five excellent restaurants and cafes in the area. 

1. Swee Choon Tim Sum

Dimsum is one of the best things about Singaporean and Chinese restaurants, and they make them so well, it hurts to leave without trying one excellent dish. 

Here at Swee Choon Tim Sum, you’ll get the best dimsums in Singapore, such as shrimp, pork, and soup dumplings. Their lotus paste balls are on point. Plus, if you’re in the mood to eat something heavier, their La Mian, noodles, and rice menu offer great alternatives. 

Address: 183/185/187/189, Jln Besar, 191/193, Singapore 208882

Hours: 11AM–2:30PM, 6PM–2AM Sunday to Thursday, 11AM–2:30PM, 6PM–3AM Friday and Saturday

2. Murugan Idli Shop

In the mood for some of the best Indian delicacies in Jalan Besar? You’re in the right place by heading straight to Murugan Idli Shop. The unassuming and simple exterior it has conceals the satisfying number of well-made Indian dishes you can eat here. You can choose to go for their dazzling number of uthappam for your starter, then go for their vegetable biryani, sambar rice, curry leaf rice, or tomato rice, all of which are well-made. 

You can order extras to satiate your hunger too – we love the fact that we can order extra masala.

Address: 76 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207660

Hours: 9AM–10:40PM daily

3. Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice

Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice still has its curry formula as a huge secret, but we’re all for keeping it secret because their curry always goes well with pork bellies, pork chops, and chicken chops.  Eating those with a side of fish cake, cabbage, and bean curd are never beatable, especially if you’ve been craving traditional Singaporean dishes for a while now. 

Inside this Jalan Besar staple’s traditional aesthetic are many dishes that have never been lost to time in taste and quality, and it never will be.

Address: 229 Jln Besar, Singapore 208905

Hours: 11AM–3AM daily

4. Druggists

This list is a bit biased around the traditional dining experiences you can find in Jalan Besar, so let’s highlight one of its most modern and cutting-edge ones. Druggists is a restaurant made inside the old Chinese Druggists Association building. They aren’t selling any medicines – except those for the soul, such as good food and an excellent pub twist with craft beers. 

Get your fix of the best burgers they can offer, such as Oh My Cod, which features a cod fillet inside a toasted hamburger bun or modern meat-rich The Loaded Pork Pizza. Har Cheong Gai is an amazing prawn paste chicken that you should surely try.

Address: 119 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207547

Hours: 3PM –10:20PM Weekdays, 1PM–10:20PM Weekends

5. Dynasty Fried Porridge

Traditional Malay-Singaporean dishes will never grow old, especially if you grew up with them. Inside Hotel 61 Elegance is Dynasty Fried Porridge, whose signature dish is a great culmination of everything that makes the Malay-Singa fusion dish great. Choose their Dynasty Famous Fried Porridge to get the best first impressions they can give. Then, go for their Malaysian Black Mee, Salted Egg Pork Ribs, or Shrimp Paste Chicken. 

After these, we’re pretty sure you’ll find gems that you want to keep coming back for in the future.

Address: 30 Foch Rd, #01-02, Singapore 209276 (inside Hotel 61 Elegance)

Hours: 11:30AM–11:30PM Sunday – Thursday, 11:30AM–12AM Friday and Saturday


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