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Top 10 Leading Fintech Companies in Singapore (2024)

fintech companies singapore

The World is changing, and Southeast Asia remains the hub of opportunities for the fintech industry. This is especially seen in Singapore, where the industry is being accelerated by the growing population and increase in middle-class society. Judd Caplain, global head of financial services at KPMG, says, “The long-term business case for many sub-sectors within fintech in Singapore remains very strong, particularly for sectors like digital payments, insurance tech, and wealthtech.”

This positive trend results from Singapore’s effort to create supportive initiatives and favorable regulatory measures. A recent report from the International Trade Administration (ITA) shows there are over 1000 fintech firms and more than 40 innovation centers in Singapore. 

With over 1000 fintech firms, knowing which ones are doing well is important. Here, we have compiled a list of the ten best fintech companies Singapore.

10 Best Fintech Companies in Singapore

Singapore’s fintech landscape is diverse, and here are some of the best-funded companies. But first, look at this comparison table with a snapshot of the best fintech players as of 2023, highlighting their features, services offered, funding status, and market presence.

CompanyServices OfferedKey FeaturesFunding (as of 2023)Market PresenceBest for
BolttechDigital insurance platformInsurance technology solutions$246 millionAsia-Pacific Europe North AmericaInsurance and product protection
AirwallexCross-border payment solutionsGlobal accountsPayment APIsS$220 millionGlobal (HQ in Hong Kong)Cross-border business payment services
NiumGlobal payments platformAPI payments Card issuanceS$220 millionGlobal with offices in multiple continentsInnovative financial services
FOMO PayPayment solutions for businessesQR Code payments Mobile walletsS$220 millionSingapore Asia-PacificBusiness payment services
InstaremCross-border money transfersLow-cost transfers Multi-currencyS$165 millionAsia-Pacific Europe North AmericaSecure and speedy money transfers
InvoiceinterchangeInvoice trading platformInvoice financing Supply chain financial solutionsS$20 millionSingapore Southeast AsiaSpecialized business needs
AMTD PolicyPalInsurtechDigital insurance platformS$18 millionAsia-PacificOnline retail insurance services
FundedHereCrowdfunding platformEquity crowdfunding S$15 millionHong Kong Asia-PacificBusiness fundraising
MoneySmartFinancial comparison servicesPersonal finance management Credit card & loan comparisonsS$15 millionSingapore Southeast AsiaFinancial advisory services
SmartkarmaInvestment research platformCrowdsourced insights Analyst marketplaceS$10 millionGlobal with HQ in SingaporeInvestment analysis
bolttech logo

1. Bolttech

Bolttech is a cloud-based platform enabling entrepreneurs and investors to buy and sell insurance products. This company was founded in 2020 and is active in 30 markets across Asia, North America, and Europe.

This exchange platform supports over 230 insurers and 700 distribution partners in its global network. It currently serves over 8.3 million customers and quotes over US$55 billion in premiums. A recent report shows that Bolttech closed a US$247 million funding, which was the largest funding in 2022.

Bolttech offers different types of insurance solutions to both personal and business users. With a complete suite of digital capabilities, this platform provides a seamless connection between distributors, insurers, and customers.

The company recently completed the acquisition of a Singaporean insurance intermediary, AVA Insurance, and the AVA Insurance Brokers. The acquisition was to accelerate the deployment of its insurance services in Singapore.

Total Equity Funding: $493.2 million

Most Recent Funding: $246 million

Website: https://bolttech.io/about

Social Media: LinkedIn, Youtube

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Airwallex logo

2. Airwallex

Airwallex was founded in Asia to break barriers restricting global financial transactions. This platform uses technology to build applications and financial infrastructure that empower businesses to operate and transact seamlessly globally.

It helps users access high-quality developer tools that are easy to integrate with your business and offer cloud-native solutions. Airwallex allows borderless payment, and users can receive and send corporate payments from different regions easily. 

This financial services company focuses on emerging markets and supports various currencies and payment methods. Their main products include bill pay, FX Transfer, software integration, expense management, payment links & plugins, and expense management tools.

With Airwallex, you can make bank transfers and e-wallets and transact with local payment networks. Their technology is a game changer as businesses can use virtual and physical multi-currency cards. This means that clients can control and monitor their financial flow seamlessly.

Total Equity Funding: S$693 million derived from multiple funding rounds

Most Recent Funding: S$220 million 

Website: https://www.airwallex.com/

Social Media: FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter

nium logo

3. Nium

Nium is a popular B2B platform that allows global payment services to businesses, banks, and other payment providers. It seamlessly enables financial institutions and companies to pay and get paid from over 190 countries.

When connected to the Nium platform, one can access pay-ins, pay-outs, bank-as-a-service, and corporate card issuance. This platform offers digital payments and allows users to pay or get paid in more than 100 currencies.

Clients can receive funds from 27 markets, including the UK, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Australia, and the US. The card issuance service is available in Europe, Australia, UK, and Singapore.

Additionally, Nium supports integration systems and APIs that allow users to have flexible amalgamation and seamless transactions. It also has risk management tools that protect its clients against financial risks.

Total Equity Funding: S$268 million

Most Recent Funding: S$220 million, financed on May 2023

Website: https://www.nium.com/

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter

FOMO Pay logo

4. FOMO Pay

FOMO Pay was founded in 2015 to provide businesses with digital payment solutions. Their core value includes innovative technology and commitment to meet customer needs. Some of their services include conducting cross-border money transfers, digital payment tokens, domestic money transfers, and merchant acquisition.

FOMO Pay promotes financial services to micro-businesses, emerging markets, rural communities, and small businesses. This platform has also invested in research and development of financial solutions, thus ensuring they constantly meet the evolving business demands. They use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to help enhance user experience.

FOMO Pay offers different financial products, which include credit cards, e-wallets, debit cards, and QR code payment methods. It also supports various currencies to ensure smooth integration of payment methods. This digital platform uses robust security measures such as data encryption, tokenization, and fraud detection algorithms to prevent fraud.

Total Equity Funding: S$13.5 million, funded by Jump Crypto in 2022

Most Recent Funding: S$220 million

Website: https://www.fomopay.com/

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

Instarem logo

5. Instarem

Instarem was founded in 2014 with the main aim of streamlining international transfers. This company offers transfer solutions to fintech startups and SMEs that need to transfer money securely at a lower cost. 

Users can use the platform to send money to over 60 countries within a few minutes. Their user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, and users can make speedy transfers while getting competitive exchange rates. This platform supports multiple currencies, including the USD, SGD, GBP, EUR, INR, and CAD.

Instarem has competitive exchange rates and offers fast transfer methods. They compare exchange rates from different providers and recommend the best option for your transaction.

Additionally, this company is fast and completes transactions within 24 to 48 hours. Their innovation has helped businesses transfer money faster than traditional financial systems, which take up to 7 business days.

Instarem features a customized interface that makes it easy for users to open accounts, send, and track their money. This fintech platform now has a company app on Android and Apple devices, thus making it easier for users to use cash transfers.

Total Equity Funding: S240 million, done over the past nine years.

Most Recent Funding: S$165 million, done in September 2023.

Website: https://www.instarem.com/en-sg/

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter

Invoiceinterchange logo

6. Invoiceinterchange

Invoiceinterchange was founded in 2015 with the main aim of providing a platform where businesses can seamlessly access funds. It helps users control their cash flow by deciding which invoices to fund without committing to their sales ledger.

This artificial intelligence technology platform uses natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to offer innovative solutions for businesses. In short, the platform allows efficient interaction between machines and humans.

Invoiceinterchange allows businesses to access flexible funding using invoice finance. Businesses can access important features such as selective invoice finance, contract finance, and whole ledger finance. The use of NLP and NLP technology helps users to have the best experience and transaction, thus encouraging the repeated use of products.

Invoiceinterchange provides product integration, and users can seamlessly communicate via mobile devices, websites, and apps. Additionally, this platform offers industry-specific solutions. This means the platform has tailor-made solutions for catering, healthcare, finance, and retail industries.

Total Equity Funding: S$33.5 million

Most Recent Funding: S$20 million, in June 2023

Website: https://www.invoiceinterchange.com/

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

AMTD PolicyPal logo

7. AMTD PolicyPal

AMTD PolicyPal is an online platform that offers different types of insurance products. Some insurance policies they offer include accident, life, motor, health, and travel insurance.

It supports a simplified interface where users can find, review, and buy insurance from various companies. Moreover, there are many resources where consumers can compare different products, thus helping them make informed decisions.

AMTD PolicyPal allows users to manage their insurance policies by allowing them to upload and keep track of their coverage. They also analyze your profile and provide a comprehensive overview of your coverage gaps. Additionally, this company has an app supported by Android and Apple devices, thus making it easier for users to access different insurance products.

PolicyPal has collaborated with international and local insurance companies to offer unique products like critical illness insurance, consumers’ annuities, integrated shield plans, personal accidents, home insurance, and pet insurance.

Total Equity Funding: AMTD PolicyPal is privately owned, and its total equity funding is undisclosed

Most Recent Funding: S$18 million, the amount derived from its parent company AMTD

Website: https://www.policypal.com/

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn

FundedHere logo

8. FundedHere

FundedHere is a leading crowdfunding platform in Southeast Asia. This platform facilitates funding of emerging markets and startups at their earlier business stages. FundedHere’s main aim is to connect investors to listed companies and startups.

This platform works like many messaging platforms that connect businesses and investors to raise funds. FundedHere first reviews and evaluates the startup’s data before connecting them to investors. They check the startup’s business model, management, financial viability, and market potential.

FundedHere also specializes in buying equity shares at an early stage. Accredited investors can purchase equity shares for as low as S$5,000. Additionally, investors can invest in SGX using ListCo bonds. This option helps investors to have less risk than equity. 

To qualify for fundraising, individual investors must have net personal assets of not less than S$2 million. On the other hand, corporations should have net assets of not less than S$10 million. Professional investors are only eligible if they pass the suitability test and their annual earnings are not less than S$100,000.

This fintech company supports startups that have raised money successfully by providing additional services such as mentorship, networking opportunities, and industry experts.

Total Equity Funding: S$1.29 million

Most Recent Funding: S$15 million

Website: https://fundedhere.com/

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter

MoneySmart logo

9. MoneySmart

MoneySmart was founded in 2009 and has grown to be among the best digital platforms offering financial advisory services in Singapore. This financial website has invested heavily in tools and comprehensive financial information to ensure users are well-informed and make better decisions.

Some of their financial products include credit cards, stocks, insurance products, and mutual funds. Additionally, their digital content portal analyzes different financial products and gives personalized recommendations for insurance, online brokerage, saving accounts, and even credit cards.

MoneySmart offers various educational resources, including videos, blogs, and infographics. Their blog provides readers with insightful tricks, tips, news, commentary, and reviews on all money-related products. Investors and consumers can use these tips and guides to improve their financial literacy and decision-making.

Additionally, this platform features financial tools that help users analyze different products. These tools include a saving calculator, an investment comparison tool, a debt calculator, and a mortgage calculator.

MoneySmart also helps users apply for personal finance products available on the market. They even have membership programs that allow users access to the highest cash-back rates and more exciting benefits.

Total Equity Funding: MoneySmart is a private company that doesn’t disclose its total equity funding. However, their operations are supported by prominent companies like Temasek Holdings and Vertex Ventures.

Most Recent Funding: S$15 million, recently funded by investors in July 2023.

Website: https://www.moneysmart.sg/

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube 

smartkarma logo

10. Smartkarma

Smartkarma is among the best Fintech companies that allow investors to analyze their financial products. This platform also provides their clients with investment tools to help them research and analyze, thus helping them make informed decisions.

Smartkarma powers capital markets by offering tailored solutions to all its participants. It also has tailored solutions for individual investors, researchers, and partners. This company supports over 2000 analysts who help in making extensive investment analysis of over 8000 stocks.

Smartkarma provides investors essential resources such as daily briefs, weekly newsletters, breaking news, and earning alerts. These resources help them make informed decisions before committing their investments.

Total Equity Funding: S$134 million

Most Recent Funding: S$10 million. The funding was from Vertex Ventures in 2023

Website: https://www.smartkarma.com/home/

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube


The Fintech industry is gaining traction in Southeast Asia, especially now that there is internet and widespread usage of smart devices. Now, consumers can attend to their financial needs over the Internet. Although some fintech startups could be doing well in this industry, some, like Airwallex and Nium, are heavily funded and are reaping hugely.

Key Takeaways

  • Bolttech, Airwallex, FOMO Pay, Nium, Instarem, Smartkarma, Invoiceinterchange, MoneySmart, AMTD Policypal, and FundedHere are the most funded fintech companies.
  • Of all fintech companies, digital payment services lead the list of the most funded companies.
  • Other services offered by fintech companies include insurance, crowdfunding, and commercialization of voice control. 

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