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5 Best Food and Restaurants That Will Make You Want to Head to Eunos Now

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Eunos M. House first created Eunos road intending to help people move in Singapore without any struggles. Today, his investment in this good road gave way to many dazzling experiences in the area, such as making Spectra accessible for excellent live theater shows and learning about Singapore’s history by having access to the Singapore Airforce Museum and Kampong Buangkok. 

Once you’re finally tired of your day’s adventures, it’s time to eat. As you would expect, Eunos doesn’t fall short on amazing eats and treats, too.

1. Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre

All locals and foreigners living for an extended time in Singapore will tell you that hawker food is the best food in Singapore. The Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre is a great place to try out the best and healthiest hawker food out there. 

Choose from eating laksa lor mees, biryanis, Malay food, and traditional Chinese under the same roof for less than what you’d pay for in restaurants. Give the Crescent Market a shot!

Address: 4A Eunos Cres, Singapore 402004

Hours: 6AM–10PM Daily

2. Loving Nature Fortunate Coffee Cafe SG

Coffee is a part of anyone’s life. LN Fortunate Coffee in Singapore is one of the best sources for the most delicious espressos, Americanos, soy-based coffee, mocha, and more. 

If you’re feeling hungry, you can try their amazing selection of bread, which include pumpkin toast, purple toast, the special LN Fortunate Coffee Pizza, Srikaya toast slice, to name a few.

Address: 844 Sims Ave, 01-700, Singapore 400844

Hours: 11AM–9PM Friday to Sunday, closed on other days

3. VeganBurg Singapore

We can all easily guess what VeganBurg Singapore is offering based on its name. If you want to be healthy or just prefer eating vegan dishes due to their taste, VeganBurg Singapore is one of the best places. They’re well-known for their amazing Chili Krab Burg, which tastes like a local Singaporean dish turned into a vegan burger, Hawaiian teriyaki burger, and smoky BBQ burger. 

The most astounding thing is that all of them taste like real burgers, so we’re sure that you’ll want to try out what they can offer!

Address: 44 Jln Eunos, Singapore 419502

Hours: 11:30AM–9PM

4. Marrybrown

Marrybrown is the local McDonalds of Singapore, and they’re pretty great when it comes to offering fast food that’s fully compatible with the typical Singaporean palette. 

Here you can get your dose of the best Western-style fast food with a Singaporean twist on your fried chicken, burgers, and drinks. If you’re traveling to Eunos with kids, you’ll surely get them to eat at Marrybrown easily.

Address: 1 Engku Aman Rd, #01-02 Turn, Singapore 408528

Hours: 10AM–10PM Monday – Saturday, 10AM – 9PM Sunday

5. Bangla Lim

If you’re craving for Bangladesh’s signature spiciness and aroma when it comes to their dishes, then Bangla Lim is surely the place to satiate your hunger. Their beef curry bento set is one of their best sellers because it captures the true essence of Bangladesh-style curries. 

Plus, make sure you try their Murgir Jhol or Bengali Curry Chicken, Mutton Bhuna, and Mutton Kachi Biryani bento sets because they’re very satisfying and worth the value for money.

Address: 29 Eunos Ave 6, Singapore 409619

Hours: 10AM–4PM Monday – Saturday, closed on Sundays


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