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5 Activities You Can Do in East Coast Park Singapore

Singapore East Coast Park Sun Rise

You can rightfully assume that you’ll confine your weekend in East Coast Park alone. However, East Coast Park has many amazing sites and places if you’re done with all the fun activities you can do or looking for something relaxed with proper pacing. You can even stay in a hotel that’s quite an attraction all by itself.

Here are five great East Coast Park activities you can do. Some activities will have you spend some money, but trust us, it’s going to be fun the entire weekend!

  1. Stay in Hotel Indigo

You might think you’re better off staying in Marina Bay Sands if you’re going to book a hotel, but you’re going to have much more fun (and possibly fewer expenses) by staying in Hotel Indigo.

Anyone not into Marina Bay’s formal Western hotel approach will love Hotel Indigo because it’s all about vibe, cultural aesthetics, and genuine hospitality. Also, you’ve got a Marina Bay Sands-level infinity pool, too.

Address: 86 East Coast Road

  1. Walk (or Run) The Jurassic Mile

Changi’s Jurassic Mile brings you back to the earliest non-human period of organic life. You might think of it as an open-air museum because of the colorful, frozen dinosaurs you can strike a pose and take a photo. It’s a popular selfie spot in East Coast Park. Once you’ve entered, you won’t pay for anything to get inside the Jurassic Mile. However, watch out for that fence-wrecking T-Rex!

Address: East Coast Park Service Road

Hours: All Day

East Coast Lagoon Wakeboarding

  1. East Coast Lagoon Wakeboarding

East Coast Park’s Carpark E1 is popular among youngsters and yuppies because of the East Coast Lagoon’s wakeboarding site. Combining skateboarding and surfing, you can ride the waves while a guiding force pulls you from the land.

It’s an amazing experience that’s sure to get you tired and wet. You don’t need to have your wakeboard to enjoy Lagoon’s Wakeboarding experience, but it’s always better if you did.

Address: East Coast Park Service Road

Hours: All Day

  1. Stroll Around Bedok Jetty

Carpark F1 at East Coast Park brings you to Bedok Jetty, a great fishing spot where your angkong would love you to bring them. However, if not for fishing, it’s a great place to unwind after a long week of work. Seeing the beautiful shore and Singapore’s amazing sunsets never grows old if you’re strolling around Bedok Jetty. Plus, it’s free of charge — unless you want to bring or buy snacks in the area, of course.

Address: East Coast Park Service Road

Hours: All Day

  1. Visit Parkway Parade For Some Retail Therapy

After you’re done with your exhilarating activities in East Coast Park, you can never go wrong going for some shopping. Pick up something to remind you about that day, especially if you’ve gone through your amazing weekend with a significant other, your friends, or your family. Parkway Parade is a great place to grab some grub after shopping and doing your groceries before going home!

Address: 80 Marine Parade Rd

Hours: 10AM – 10PM

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