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The 5 Best Hawker Food Shops You Need To Know in Clementi

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As one of Singapore’s oldest towns, Clementi has developed from its swampland history to a buzzling town but still managed to keep its traditional way of life. And like many towns, Clementi has hawker centers that harbor jewels in the sea of food shops.

Of course, there are developed areas and well-known restaurants in Clementi, but finding treasure groves with food stalls that are on par with its counterpart restaurants in the neighborhood are a rare find. Here is a complete guide on the top 5 hawker food shops in Clementi. 

1. Spicy Mei Mala Hotpot

Indulge yourself with the comfort of every sip and feel the intense spiciness of it all in the process. Singaporeans and foreigners alike would be seen lining up during peak hours just to get a taste of that flavorful mala sauce mixed with other aromatic herbs. The price range might be a little over the top compared to other stalls but afterwards, you will find that it is all worth it.

Address: 442 Clementi Ave 3, BGAIN 442 Eating House #01-122 Singapore 120442

Business hours: Everyday from 10:30am to 10pm

2. Soon Lee Porridge

If you’re looking for comfort food but not really a fan of that spicy kick, then Soon Lee Porridge might just be the thing for you. With over 50 years in the porridge making industry, you can say that this stall has definitely mastered its craft. With thick and filling bowls of porridge, no wonder it would take you a few minutes before you can order up.

Address: 448 Clementi Ave 3, Clementi 448 Market & Food Center, #01-50, Singapore 120448

Business hours: Mondays to Saturdays at 6am to 7pm; Closed on Sundays

3. Chai Ho Satay

Priced at less than a dollar per stick, Chai Ho Satay serves a flavorful slab of meat skewered on its traditional stick before being charred to perfection to complete that unique satay flavor. Per stick has that right amount of meat and fat ratio to ensure a flavorful experience with every bite. Served with a peanut sauce, the flavor of that charred meat with the earthy flavor of the sauce brings it to a whole new level.

Address: 448 Clementi Ave 3, Clementi 448 Market & Food Center, #01-10, Singapore 120448

Business hours: Wednesdays to Sundays at 2pm to 8pm; Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

4. 2ThumbsUp Hainanese Curry Rice

Serving up a wholesome bowl of curry rice, 2ThumbsUp Hainanese Curry Rice offers a wide array of ingredients you can choose from to pair up with your whole grain white rice and their signature curry sauce. You can also pick your meat of choice, but the braised pork belly is a sure and safe choice to go.

Address: 450 Clementi Ave 3, #01-271, Singapore 120450

Business hours: Everyday from 9:30am to 9:30pm

5. A-Poh Kitchen

A close to home food stall that serves staple Singaporean dishes that also serves Halal dishes for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Their signature dishes, Curry Fish Head, BitterGoud Fish Head with Black Bean Sauce, and Assam Curry Fish Head are all a must try.

Address: Block 354 Clementi Avenue 2 #01-223, Singapore 120354

Business Hours: Everyday from 11:30am to 9:30pm

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