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The Best Cleaning Services Singapore

NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

There are times when you have no time at all to clean your own house or your business premises, you can surely get help from individuals who are highly trained in cleaning what you need to be cleaned. Cleaning contractor Singapore will have your worries disappear as they can provide great service for you.

Hiring them are perfect for busy people who are having difficulty in prioritizing the cleanliness of their homes.

Cleaner companies in Singapore can be budget-friendly than that of a personal helper, these cleaners are just present when you call them. They can do office cleaning, residential, building, carpet cleaning and a lot more. The company that handles them ensures to staff that they offer a customer is skilled and well trained as a contractor.

Singapore cleaning services have a management that is keen in providing individuals and companies with the cleaning service that they need.

Most of the cleaners possess the characteristic of being well organized and trustworthy so clients won’t have to worry about them.

They can very well take care of the proper maintenance of your home or your building. They can very well work in residential and business spaces. If you are not satisfied with one cleaner that you have used before, ask the cleaning company in Singapore that you are dealing with to change the cleaner in your place.

Top cleaning companies in Singapore:

  • Helpling

They are one of the cleaning services that operates in some other countries, making them a world class cleaning service. You can simply request for cleaners to go to your home or building via their website or on their application. With the help of technology, they are one of the most popular cleaning services Singapore nowadays.

You can ask them to clean your carpet and other stuff that is difficult to clean in your household. You can also cancel your booking and have it rescheduled within 48 hours. Cleaning services during the weekends might cost you more.

  • KMAC International

They are well known in cleaning houses as well as buildings. A cleaner company in Singapore that is composed of staff that are highly competitive and very reliable when it comes to work. They have a great facility that provides their employees with the opportunity to provide excellent service. They always try to understand what the customer needs and provide an exemplary result with their jobs. Despite their success, they still strive to give the best service for their clients.


NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

  • NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

They give their employees the training that is needed to be able to deliver great customer experience to their clients. Their cleaning services can be weekly or one time cleaning. They are requiring their clients to provide the cleaners with the necessary equipment that is needed to clean the house as well as the cleaning materials needed. They can deal with the doors and gates, grills and windows, kitchen areas, walls, floors, balcony, furnitures, etc.

  • DomesticOne

They have been recognized as one of the outstanding cleaning services in Singapore. They have part time maids, babysitting, premoving and post renovation cleaning services and a lot more. They can be as flexible as they can be when it comes to their cleaning service.

They offer great customer support to their clients so that if they need a cleaner, they can easily book through them. DomesticOne accepts payment through credit cards, cash, stripe, ATM Fund transfer, wire transfers and internet bank transfer.

  • MopSquad Cleaning Service

Their name speaks it all. They are a cleaning company that can give you a customised cleaning service. Their cleaners are specifically disciplined and possess professionalism.

You just need to specify to them what areas are needed to be concentrated on cleaning and after they are done cleaning, there will be a supervisor to check the quality of their cleaning. They are experts in residential, commercial building, tile and any kind of floor, dry and carpet cleaning.

  • Part Time Maid Singapore

They have a lot of services all across the country and that includes domestic help, cleaning carpets as well as maintenance of the air conditioning. They have been around for about 8 years that gives a guarantee that their cleaners are fully skilled and reliable.

You will be amazed how your place turns out after giving them the chance to clean it up. They also have their own cleaning tools that are surely eco friendly and certified safe to use. You can check their website for further information.

Home Sweet Home

  • Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services

They offer regular housekeeping to clients who do not have the time to keep their homes tidy or just simply wanting to have more time with their loved ones instead of tidying up their homes.

They helpers are trustworthy and efficient. They give the highest quality of service that is why they are receiving commendations from their previous clients.

They also provide great communication with their clients to be able to keep up with concise instructions on how they want their homes clean.

They can also provide clients with some technical skills such as air conditioning services and handyman services.3C Home Cleaning Services – in 2015, they received the Singapore Excellence Awards. Clean, comfort and cozy are the Cs that represent the 3C. They provide a great quality of service that will impress you after you see the result of their task.

They have a lot of services to choose from. They have the initial and final cleaning, floor and washroom cleaning, everyday area cleaning, post tenancy and post renovation, handover, spring and moving out cleaning. They also give you a very affordable and reasonable rates for a clean place.

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