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5 Special Things To Do At Changi

things to do at changi

Changi is well-known as Singapore’s international drop-off point as the Changi International Airport has numerous arrivals and departures daily. However, Changi Airport has plenty to offer anyone in Singapore who wants to enjoy its amenities, such as its well-known cactus garden and canopy park. This post will discuss those and three other exceptional sights in Changi Airport.

1. Cactus Garden

Cactuses are the world’s most enduring plants, and Changi Airport’s Cactus Garden features some of the best. You can spot Barrel Cactus, Sago Palm, and Century Plants in Changi Airport’s globally-famous preserve for the world’s strongest and most capable plant. Dedicated staff care for these cactuses that surround a beautiful bar that overlooks the horizon.

Address: 80 Airport Blvd., Terminal 1 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819642

Hours: Open 24 Hours

2. Canopy Park

If you’re flying or visiting Jewel Changi, head to the fifth floor to find one of the best garden experiences ever in Canopy Park. Above Jewel Changi is a 14,000-square meter park with a fountain and glass dome that gives the beautiful plants energy while shielding them from strong winds and weather. In addition, visitors can enjoy Canopy Park in any weather and run along the bouncing net to see everything there is in Canopy Park.

Address: 78 Airport Blvd., Level 5 Singapore 819666

Hours: 10AM – 10PM daily

3. Changi Jurassic Mile

The Jurassic Mile doesn’t have dinosaurs that move, but it’s a great way to walk around and take photos for social media posing with a dinosaur. In Changi Airport, the Mile showcases over 20 known dinosaur breeds that stretch over 1 kilometer, and each one of them is as high as five meters. You can visit the Jurassic Mile any day of the week, but you can’t go inside the fence.

Address: Airport Blvd., Singapore

Hours: Open 24 Hours

4. Changi Experience Studio

Interactive games, immersive shows, and impressive presentations await anyone walking into Changi Experience Studio. The Studio’s shows have been going on for years, featuring content that shows the progress and current state of Changi, a singing garden, and a time-machine journey where players solve problems using the studio’s 20 touchpoints. 

Address: 78 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819666

Hours: 11AM–8PM daily

5. Changi Beach Park

If you’re contemplating your trip or have just arrived and wanted to do some sand and beachside walks, you can’t go wrong walking around in Changi Beach Park. Beach parks are enjoyable because they offer a relaxing environment with less noise and pollution. The beach spans about 28 hectares and has pits for barbecues if you’re spending some time relaxing and unwinding here.

Address: Nicoll Dr, Singapore 498991

Hours: Open 24 hours


Changi is a special place for all Singaporeans and foreigners because it showcases the best things that Singapore has to offer. These five exceptional activity spots guarantee that you’ll have the most enjoyable experience possible whenever you’re in Changi.

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