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5 Solid Activities You Shouldn’t Miss in Bishan

things to do in bishan

Bishan is the biggest district in Singapore that houses a great number of activities that everyone should enjoy over the weekend. Renew your spirits by flying drones, visiting unique playgrounds, or being one in a meditative trail along the Macritchie Reservoir. Check out these five solid activities in Bishan you shouldn’t miss.

1. Fly a Drone in the Whoop Arena

Drone flying is one of the coolest things after video games and has many practical uses, such as for photography and videography. Flying it in first-person makes you feel like a pilot in a shrunken aerial vehicle. Whoop Arena is a fun experience where you won’t have to own a drone, you’ll get tutorials on how to fly one, and just get an overall unique experience that has many practical uses after you practice with your own drone.

Address: 18 Sin Ming Ln, #06-03 Midview City, Singapore 573960

Hours: 24 hours daily

2. Visit the Clock Playground

The Old Mosaic Clock Playground in Bishan has earned the attention of many young children and parents in Singapore because of its beautiful fairytale aesthetic for a simple children’s playground. Today, it’s a renowned tourist and photography spot because of its beautiful appearance and undeniably memorable aesthetic. It remains colorful and continues to charm passers and children alike.

Address: 514B Bishan Street 13, Bishan Bus Interchange, Singapore 572514

Hours: 24 hours daily

3. Enjoy The Macritchie Prunus Trail

The Macritchie Prunus Trail is a hike that is both challenging and rewarding. The trail has a length of 6km and includes climbs and descents that vary in difficulty. The hike has many different attractions, such as a beautiful reservoir view and the singing of birds that you can observe from a distance. You’ll still need to head to Macritchie Park’s entrance at Lornie Road and abide by its gate times before you can head to the Prunus Trail, though.

Address: Lornie Rd, Singapore 298735

Hours: 7AM – 7PM

4. Skate At Bishan Park Skating Rink

Skating improves your balance and contributes to your fitness level. It’s also low-impact on the joints compared to other sports and activities. If you have the skills and have consistently practised your tricks, there’s no question that you should head to Bishan Park Skating Rink for an excellent time. It has a long path that circles around and has platforms for skaters and skateboarders to perform and practice their tricks, too.

Address: 1380 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569930

Hours: 24 hours daily

5. Get Wet At The Water Playground @ Bishan

The first fun any kid has ever had is splashing water. Its splashing and sprinkling response is undeniably one of the most relaxing and fun activities for anyone. The Water Playground @ Bishan will surely get you drenched, so make sure you carry extra clothes before heading there!

Address: Opp Blk 223 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Hours: 8-11AM, 4-8PM daily


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