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The 3 Best Gym Membership Singapore Gym-Goers Should Know

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Living a healthy lifestyle in Singapore can be surprisingly affordable. There are myriad jogging paths everywhere, beautiful hiking trails and even outdoor public gyms dotting the city’s many parks. It isn’t difficult if one wants to keep up a good fitness regimen if they so choose.

While you can definitely find great jogging paths around the city, having a gym membership is definitely worth the time and money spent. Aside from the fact that you’ll be able to escape the oppressive Singaporean tropical heat, gyms have personal trainers that offer you personalized personal training that you might need and a safe place to work out if you’re afraid of running in the dark alone.

If that doesn’t tempt you, some gyms even open at all hours. 24 hour gyms are common and some places even charge you per entry, or if you’re a digital nomad or expat who doesn’t want an expensive year-long membership, can opt for a 1 month pass instead.

While searching for the perfect gym for ourselves, we’ve come across several facilities that definitely did not pass muster. Others were a lot more acceptable to us for various reasons. We selected three of the best gym memberships Singapore has that you can use to your advantage.

What To Consider Before Enrolling

When considering a gym membership, there are many things that you must look into before enrolling in one. For example, the price of a 12 months gym membership, opening hours and if they’re open on public holidays, your own usage of the facilities, or even if it’s cheaper to go for ones that charge per entry or if the gym’s 12 months fees comes up cheaper once the full costs are calculated.

While price and accessibility are definitely considerations when looking at the facilities, there are other aspects that most casual gym-goers might have overlooked.
Here are four factors we took into consideration finding the best options for gym memberships in the country.

Overall Quality Of The Facility

Overall Quality Of The Facility

Many of Singapore’s gym and fitness chains and traditional gym-equipment only fitness facilities are more than a decade old or more. Equipment availability and reliability can suffer from natural wear and tear, especially if it sees everyday use from gym-goers.

However, aging doesn’t mean the facility is in a state of disrepair. As long as no unpleasant smells exist, the staff maintains the equipment and flooring effectively, and the HVAC and other amenities including stereos for cardiovascular or acrobatic training are working well, then you’ve got a facility that you can greatly depend on.

For example, it’s important that all adjustable-angle seats are well-oiled and have the right number of adjustable positions to help you target different muscles to strengthen during your training. Alternatively, all treadmill electronics and mechanicals must be well-oiled to ensure it delivers the smooth cardio training you need.

Availability of Equipment

You’ll find many fitness chains and pop-up affordable gymnasiums that can work to your advantage. In some facilities, you’ll find a huge number of stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and a great space for aerobic exercises and strength training machines and free weights.

However, equipment availability subjects itself to the training program you intend to perform. Training programs are often the following: strength, aesthetic, endurance, and flexibility. Some facilities and branches focus on one, two, or all of the following programs. Therefore, if you’re all about endurance and running, you’ll most definitely want a great number of treadmills in your chosen facility.

Training Programs

Training Programs And Trainer Knowledge And Experience

As we mentioned earlier, training programs play a huge role in the equipment availability’s effect on your training. However, most personal trainers in these facilities might vary in their specialization. If you’re seeking personal training that focuses on endurance and running but the gym lacks the personnel, then you’ll want to consider another facility to achieve your objectives.

Visiting fitness review websites, fully understanding the fitness program you’re willing to undergo, and asking for the presence of any specialist gym trainers inclined towards your fitness program preference are the best ways to know if a gym’s trainers can help you achieve your goals.

The Highest Number Of Gym Attendees Per Day

If you’re headed to the gym after your daily 9 to 5, chances are you’ll be arriving at the gym at the same time other members do. If your gym facility has an enormous number of treadmills, strength program equipment, free weights, and ample space for aerobic and cardiovascular drills, then you won’t have any problems even with a high number of gym enrollees arriving together at the same time as you.

If they don’t, then it can become a problem. You’ll need to wait your turn to use a machine, certain dumbbell sets, and other equipment, which can leave your adrenaline hanging in an unpleasant way every after a workout in your routine.

Anytime Fitness NEX

Gyms To Consider Enrolling In Singapore

1. Anytime Fitness NEX

In Serangoon Central lies Anytime Fitness NEX. It’s one of the best Anytime Fitness facilities available in Singapore due to its size and number of equipment available. While the facility is relatively old, you get four smith areas where you can perform compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

Anytime Fitness Singapore NEX has great amenities including shower rooms, locker rooms, and treadmills. The gym maintains all of their equipment fantastically and is definitely worth having a gym membership with them if you’re willing to deal with high gym-goer traffic when you work out.

Gold's Gym Tanjong Pagar

2. Gold’s Gym Tanjong Pagar

Compared to Anytime Fitness NEX, Gold’s Gym in Tanjong Pagar is quite small. However, the intimate appeal and exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced trainers in both strength and cardiovascular/endurance training are phenomenal to achieve the results you need.
It’s possible that Gold’s Gym in Tanjong Pagar limits the number of its members to prevent high gymgoer traffic because of its limited equipment, but the quality of workouts you can have here is guaranteed to help you progress and take your physical and mental limits to the next level.

Fitness First Bugis

3. Fitness First Bugis

Fitness First brands it as their Platinum Branch, which focuses on aerobics, dance, and aerial training. It is one of the biggest facilities Fitness First has in the world. You have 7 training zones with specialist and world-class trainers specializing in different types of programs including strength and endurance training. However, as most gym-goers have commented, the strength training aspect of Fitness First Bugis can be limited. On the other hand, the size of the facility guarantees that any amount of gym-goer traffic isn’t problematic even if you arrive right after your work from 6pm onwards.

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